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Companies Subject to External Audit Requirements in South Korea

In South Korea, companies are required to undergo external audits to enhance transparency and ensure responsible management practices. External audits involve an independent review of a company’s financial condition and operational activities, with the audit report prepared in accordance with the External Audit Act. This blog explores the criteria for companies subject to external audit […]

Financial Review Services Korea

Sometimes we are asked for financial review services Korea. Unlike audits, financial reviews require much simpler procedures and can take less time than audits. A review includes primarily applying analytical procedures to management’s financial data. You may expect that a CPA review will address if the financial data are free from any material misstatements. Key […]

Changes in the external audit requirements

Under the current Act and its Enforcement Decree, the mandatory (external) audit requirements apply to the below companies in Korea: Listed in Korea; or Total asset exceeds KRW 12 billion; or Total asset and liability exceed KRW 7 billion; or The number of employees is over 300 and total asset exceeds KRW 7 billion It’s […]