Why Choose Us?


Why Clients Choose Us?

Today, we take a moment to consider why our clients consistently choose our services.

Professional and Dedicated Team

First and foremost, we are a dedicated team of professionals. About 50% of our clients come to us after using other tax advisors, choosing to switch after consulting with us. Around 20% seek our expertise from the initial stages of their business setup. The remaining clients typically discover our services during the process of establishing their business and decide to work with us over other firms.

Client Satisfaction

We confidently state that none of our clients have left due to dissatisfaction with our services, except when we assist them in closing their businesses in Korea.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

We pride ourselves on being highly accessible and responsive, ensuring that we address requests as quickly as possible. This responsiveness is likely one of the most valued aspects of our service.

Expertise with Foreign Clients

Additionally, we have extensive experience working with foreign clients. Beyond possessing expert knowledge, our practical experience is invaluable. It’s crucial for our foreign clients to understand that knowing the regulations is different from understanding how to apply them within the context of Korea’s business and management culture.

Navigating Labor-Related Issues

One significant challenge that foreign companies face in Korea is labor-related issues. Korea, unlike many other countries, does not allow for the easy dismissal of employees. The labor culture is very protective of employees, and small foreign companies often find themselves entangled in lawsuits after hastily firing employees. This rigidity in Korea’s labor environment is something we help our clients navigate carefully.

Understanding Reporting Systems

Moreover, it’s essential to understand the various reporting systems required by the Korean government. For instance, Korea has strict foreign exchange regulations that require documentation for all transactions with overseas entities. Some transactions may also need to be reported to government agencies, a fact that is often overlooked by foreign clients. Unlike in the US or Europe, foreign exchange transactions are not as liberal in Korea, and missing reports can result in significant penalties.

Providing Practical Advice

These are just a few examples of the challenges we help our clients navigate. We provide valuable advice based on our extensive practical experience and a variety of case studies. We aim to support foreign clients managing businesses in Korea or looking to enter the Korean market, ensuring they can focus more on their business activities while we ensure compliance with local regulations.


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