International Tax Advisory Services

It is critical to review tax issues when you have a plan to expand your business abroad.

  1. Expertise in tax consulting on international tax planning on new business set-ups
  2. Transfer pricing
  3. Tax treaty review and related Korean tax application
  4. M&As between global companies
  5. Valuation based on Korean tax laws

Tax Filing & Advisory

Tax Accountant Seoul

The professionals at Korean Tax Expert offer clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. We make sure to bring our clients the knowledge, experience, and resources to meet their financial goals in Korea. 


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Our tax filing services will always be in compliance with the Korean Corporate Tax Laws and fully reviewed by the CPAs. We will ensure to helping our clients to find the best tax position, routinely combing our collective industry knowledge and experience.

  • Preparation of year-end/interim corporate tax return filing;
  • Preparation of resident tax return filing; 
  • Submission of international transaction report; and
  • Responding inquiries from the tax governments


international tax

For every cross-border transaction, international tax compliance can be complex. With our experiences with global companies, we provide our clients  comprehensive tax planning services.

  • Global tax planning
  • Global tax due diligence
  • Foreign tax credit planning and compliance
  • Preparation of tax memo for controversial international tax cases


mergers & acquisitions tax

We can assist our clients with structuring mergers and acquisitions to minimize tax liabilities.

  • Perform an analysis/simulation of restructuring strategy
  • M&A ratio calculation and feasibility studies
  • Analysis of tax effects of restructuring for shareholders
  • Follow-up with management schedules and related filings, and documents upon M&A


tax audit defense

The Korean tax authorities have continued to strengthen the audit capacity by its data collection and analysis. This has resulted in an increase in tax assessment and liabilities from tax audit. We have assisted tax audits for our clients in different business sizes. We will help clients effectively manage tax audits and ensure the best possible outcome on tax audit. 

  • Evaluate the information documents requested by the tax authorities
  • Review the relevant tax laws and regulations and develop defense strategies
  • Analyze an additional tax exposure


transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is an increasing area of focus for tax authorities and every country has set up rules to enforce TP in the country. Most of the cases, the detailed documentations in regard to TP is required.

  • Develop a Transfer Pricing policy
  • Assist with BEPS documentation for head offices and subsidiaries
  • Assist with documentation of cross-border transactions
  • Evaluate potential exposure risk of domestic and overseas Transfer Pricing audits
  • Preparation of Advanced Pricing Agreement (APA) and Mutual Agreement Procedures
  • Develop brand royalty policies to defense TP audit on royalty payments

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