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Financial Review Services

Sometimes we are asked for financial review from our clients. Unlike audit, review requires much simpler procedures and could take less time than the audit. A review includes primarily applying analytical procedures to management’s financial data. You may expect that a CPA review will address if the financial data are free from any material misstatements. […]

Korea’s 4 Social Insurance Rates for 2021

There’re 4 major social securities in Korea: 1) national pension, 2) national health insurance and long-term care insurance, 3) employment insurance and 4) workers’ compensation insurance. Each year, some of the insurance rates are increased or adjusted. Especially, rates for national health insurance and long-term care insurance are increased every year. During covid-19 season in […]

Global Mobility Services (GMS)

We see many companies face employment issues especially in relation to international assignment programs. With many years of experience in GMS field, we proudly offer tax strategies and advisory services that can help international assignment program in a cost efficient manner. How we can assist you I. Foreign employees assigned to Korea by foreign companies […]

Korea’s 4 Social Insurance Rates for 2020

Each year, the Korean Social Insurance Companies announce their insurance rates for the upcoming year. It’s been announced that Korea’s social insurance rates for 2020 will be as below. At this moment only the Workers’ Compensation Insurance rate for 2020 has not been confirmed by the government. Item 2019 2020 Note Employee Employer TOTAL RATE […]

A Guide to South Korea’s 4 Social Insurance Programs

A Guide to South Korea’s 4 Social Insurance Programs South Korea’s Social Welfare Policy & the “Safety Net” Every developed country has systems set up to make sure that people are taken care of in the event of certain challenges and time periods. European countries are famous for their strong social safety net, but Korea […]

Determination of Tax Residency in Korea: Korean Tax Law Basics

_MINF6920080211223621_7020121217170651_Certificate of Residence   If you’re a tax resident in Korea, it may effect on your home country’s tax return. Thus, determination of your tax residency status is critical for your tax filings in Korea. General rules for tax residency test for INDIVIDUALS Resident : taxed on world-wide income In principle, a resident refers to […]

A Guide to The Korean National Payroll Management System

What does the Korean national payroll system include?  When an employee is hired by a company, he/she will get salary payment each month and there will be deductions from their earnings. Employees need to pay income/resident taxes for their salary and the mandatory social insurance programs that employees need to be enrolled immediately upon being […]