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Foreign companies in Korea often struggle with Korean payroll system. Serving thousands of employees in Korea, especially foreign workers/engineers, we are specialized in assisting foreign companies with payroll services.

Korean government change individual income taxation every year and rates for Korean social securities change every year. There’s also special tax treatment only applicable to foreign workers in Korea.

Our payroll service includes

  • Monthly payroll calculation
  • Filings to social insurance companies and all the advisory services in relation to that.

Payroll & Global Mobility Services

Companies often struggle with South Korea’s payroll system because of its complicity and because labor & social insurance laws are frequently revised, while the Korean government is strict on labor issues. As such, firms need to have a full understanding of current regulations. We have served thousands of employees in the Republic of Korea and proudly offer our specialized services, especially those that relate to international assignment programs.

Our Payroll & HR Services include:

  • Payroll and national social insurance administration;
  • Preparation of monthly payroll calculation;
  • Preparation of withholding tax return;
  • Preparation of employment contracts and policies, employment regulations;
  • Tax consulting for inbound/outbound expatriates; and
  • Assistance in implementation of a corporate pension plan


Our Global Mobility Services include:

I. Foreign employees assigned to Korea by foreign companies (inbound)

  • Advise Korean tax compliance issues for foreign employees assigned to Korea (Entry tax interview)
  • Review Korean withholding tax requirements for the company
  • Prepare and file Korean global income tax returns (due May 31 for the previous year’s earnings)
  • Advise on share (equity) based compensation including stock options, and restricted stock units, etc.

II. Korean nationals assigned to overseas (outbound)

  • Advise about potential Korean tax and social security issues during the assignment (exit tax interview)
  • Analyze and estimate income tax parables
  • Calculate hypothetical tax, actual tax, and year-end tax settlement
  • Advise and develop Tax Equalization (TEQ) policy
  • Advise on share (equity) based compensation including stock options, and restricted stock units, etc.


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