Calculating Severance Pay in Korea: A Guide to Retirement Benefits Calculation

In Korea, there are strict regulations regarding the payment of severance pay when an employee leaves after a certain period of employment. Severance pay is generally calculated as 30 days of average wages for employees who have worked for one year or more. While this concept is familiar to most employees in Korea, foreign companies often find it confusing.

Below is an example of the estimated severance pay calculation for an employee who has worked for three years. While the calculation may seem straightforward, there are various factors involved in determining the average wage. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with experts for accurate severance pay calculation.

Please note that the calculations provided are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal or financial advice. Each case may have unique circumstances that require professional analysis and consultation.

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  1. Monthly salary 10,000,000 KRW (10,000 USD)
  2. Employment period 3 years
  3. Annual bonus approx. 24,000,000 KRW (24,000 USD)
산정급여 A Sum of regular salary pmts for recent 3 mos                      30,000,000     30,000.00
산정상여 B Non-regular pmts (bonus, etc) of the recent 3 mos (weighted from the recent 1 year pmt)                        6,000,000      6,000.00
산정급상여합계 C Total A+B                      36,000,000     36,000.00
평균입금 Average wage*                           400,000        400.00
근속일수 Total employment days                               1,095          1,095
퇴직급여 Severance pay                      36,000,000     36,000.00

*Average wage is a concept similar to daily wage in Korea for severance pay calculation purposes.


Calculating Severance Pay in Korea: A Guide to Retirement Benefits Calculation

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